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Location and Tips

At 30 meters from the beach, Pousada Beira Mar is located in the best location of inns in Caraíva. We have a garden, wi-fi, reception, comfort, peace and a lot of harmony! Our breakfast is continental and served in our Tropicália cafeteria, in a charming corner just a few meters from the beach, the famous “corner of the world”. Porto Seguro airport is the closest to the village, located 62 km away.

Praia do Satu

You know those movie beaches? Half deserted, with cliffs, coconut trees and a blue marzão? Satu beach is like this and still has fresh and salt water lagoons that almost touch the sea. It is magical and is only 3km away from the village of Caraíva walking north. To get there you have to cross the river Caraíva in Barra (where the river meets the sea). At low tide you can even walk across it, but canoes are the safest option. From there, you will enjoy a beautiful walk with the sea on your right and lots of nature on your left until you reach the first freshwater lagoon... enjoy! Going a little further, you come across the second lagoon that, depending on the tide, meets the sea. This one is saltwater and it's stunning! You will be enchanted by the pink cliffs and the peace that this place allows.

Praia de Corumbau

“Away from everything” in the language of the Pataxó indigenous people. It's one of those places that makes you forget about everything and feel alive and present, absorbing the perfection of nature. At low tide, a long strip of sand opens up space in the middle of the sea, where the horizon is lost and the calm takes over. At high tide, the famous point disappears, covered by the waves. From Caraíva, it is only a 40-minute buggy ride, passing through the indigenous reserve and along the beach. A true natural spectacle. Upon arrival, you cross the Corumbau River and that's it, you can relax in one of the restaurants by the sea or grab a little piece of sand to call your own. In addition to the famous point, you can also explore the corals of Itacolomi. A boat trip takes you to the natural barrier where you can snorkel and marvel at the marine life!

Pedra do Negro

Pedra do Negro is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Caraíva. This rock formation that extends for about 2km allows the creation of several natural pools when the tide is low. Imagine that calm and relaxing bath, in shallow water, to the sound of waves crashing against the rocks and a unique look at every moment! The best part is that you can get there in just 10 minutes, just walk along the edge of Caraíva beach towards the south, as if heading towards Corumbau.

Aldeia Pataxó Porto do Boi

Located in a reserve close to the Monte Pascoal National and Historic Park, the Porto do Boi village is home to the indigenous people of the Pataxó ethnic group. In the village there is a Cultural Center open to visitors that aims to promote the Pataxó indigenous culture and, with that, expand their knowledge and experiences. The Pataxó Cultural Center in Porto do Boi provides a cultural experience with the Indians, their rituals, handicrafts, typical foods, body painting and much more. It is a unique experience and, of course, a must for anyone who wants to connect a little more with our native peoples.

The experiences take place 6 days a week at two times a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. To get to the village, just book a buggy and in about 30 minutes you will be there ready to immerse yourself in the customs and traditions that allowed all that is around you to happen.

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